Stephen Colbert Ridicules Donald Trump For Taking Off His First Weekend

Katie RamirezJan 21, 2017

If ever conservative madmen escaped into the real world, Stephen Colbert would be judge. Rather, this "Stephen Colbert" is an identical cousin, whose birthmark matches a very different Olsen twin. "Now the Obama era is coming to an end".

Using the format of classic Report desk piece "The Word (now "The Werd)", Colbert delivered an antagonistic monologue, illuminated by contrary sidebars".

"Well, well, well, at long last our America-hating, secret Muslim, lead-from-behind, terrorist, fist-bumping, hopey-changy apologist-in-chief is leaving office", he said at the top of the bit. "Colbert neatly summarized the sort of pressure Obama was under when he cited as an example "[he] said he was born in the United States, so we said he wasn't".

The segment wasn't sentimental, because it suggested that, like so many presidents before him, Obama wasn't without his flaws. "For instance, he expanded the drone program, spied on American citizens through the NSA, let the Wall Street banks get even bigger, and never closed Guantanamo". Though he did say every year of the Obama administration "felt like he was strangling a bald eagle with an American flag while taking a dump on an apple pie", Colbert also extended an olive branch in his own twisted way. "He transformed me. And now I have no idea who that is".

Speaking from his cabin up in the mythical "Mountains of Justice, (where he apparently lives with Jon Stewart), Colbert returned to say farewell to the man who these past eight years was his "worthy adversary", Barack Obama. And it really felt good fighting for the opposite of all those things", Colbert said. "And with our next president, I think we won". And on behalf of everyone who opposed you, sir, I just wanna say....

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