Turkey's Erdogan says Netherlands to pay price for harming relations

Miranda GreerMar 14, 2017

Erdogan told a rally in Istanbul that the Dutch "do not know politics or worldwide diplomacy".

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised retaliation against Dutch diplomatic flights.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to prevent Turkey's political tensions from spreading into Germany.

"To be called Nazis by a regime which is walking backwards in regards to human rights is just disgusting", Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher told BBC News.

After several hours of calm demonstrations, police moved in to disperse over 1,000 people gathered close to the consulate, charging the crowd on horseback and using dogs to regain control, the report said.

President Tayyip Erdogan is seeking support in an April referendum for his plans to amass greater powers. Ankara wants citizens to vote for a constitutional change that would expand presidential powers.

The Netherlands warned its citizens against traveling to Turkey Monday amid the two countries' ongoing dispute over two Turkish ministers being barred from addressing political rallies in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

The Council of Europe has 47 members, including the Netherlands and Turkey.

"We were subjected to inhumane, immoral treatment".

"I was told to leave the country and return to Germany as soon as possible", she added.

Large protests broke out Saturday night in Rotterdam and in the major Turkish cities of Ankara and Istanbul. Cars and motorbikes drove in circles, waving Turkish flags and blowing their horns.

Mr Cavusoglu said on Saturday he would fly to the Netherlands despite the rally being cancelled.

With less than 48 hours to polling day in the first of Europe's big elections this year, political analysts said the worldwide incident centered on the Netherlands could benefit both Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Liberals and the anti-Islam Freedom Party of populist Geert Wilders. They were blocked in the Netherlands after Dutch populist Geert Wilders protested.

"But these gatherings may not contribute to tensions in our society and everyone who wants to hold a gathering is obliged to follow instructions of those in authority so that public order and safety can be guaranteed". Turkish government-controlled papers suggested Germany was targeting the president's party while allowing Turkish opposition politicians to hold political meetings.

The Dutch will vote Wednesday in national elections in a campaign that has focused heavily on the issue of immigration from Muslim countries. The Dutch have elections coming up this week and the country is in the midst of a growing tide of nationalist sentiment.

Tensions between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners have been growing over the weekend after the Dutch government barred Turkey's foreign minister from flying to Rotterdam. It was also one of the milder moments in the ongoing diplomatic scandal between Turkey and European states. Meanwhile, the Dutch have to make a collective decision between policies centered around socialism and open borders or a more aggressive, conservative approach.

This led to Mr. Erdoğan accusing the Dutch government of acting like "Nazis" and threatening harsh sanctions. He has called for a collective European Union response to prevent individual countries coming under pressure from Turkey. "You can not prevent people traveling from one country to another". Wilders has built his campaign on "de-Islamizing" the Netherlands.

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