Trump promises new healthcare plan once Obamacare 'explodes'

Judith QuinnMar 27, 2017

After its attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act flopped, the Trump administration is trying to figure out what to work on next.

After days of frantic lobbying and an ultimatum from the Trump team to recalcitrant Republicans - back this repeal of Obamacare or you're stuck with it - House Speaker Paul Ryan took the list of non-supporters to the White House on Friday lunchtime.

"Never once have I seen him blame Paul Ryan", Mulvaney said on NBC's Meet the Press. Repairs are typically needed for a program of its magnitude, but Republicans in Congress refused to help Obama make the system better. But premiums and other rising costs forced some insurers out of the market, limiting insurance options for many consumers.

"I want to have a great health care bill and plan".

Provocatively, Trump lumped such groups together with congressional Democrats and mentioned Planned Parenthood, a federally funded provider of women's healthcare services which is a lightning rod for anti-abortion groups on the right.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said problems with the bill - and the rush to pass it - were to blame for its demise, not conservative Republicans.

Speaking in the Oval Office on Saturday, Trump said: "We learned a lot about loyalty" from the effort. In the process of courting hard-line conservatives opposed to the bill, he alienated moderate Republicans who initially supported it.

When Trump was drawing up his list of potential Supreme Court nominees past year, he said he was relying on guidance from Heritage and from the Federalist Society, an influential conservative legal group. "They definitely don't work in a situation with a lot of different stakeholders, where the power is distributed". "'It's enough already, ' he said of the negotiations", she reported on Twitter.

With a tweet, he attacked the conservative Freedom Caucus and two influential policy groups that had resisted the American Health Care Act he had embraced.

It's not immediately clear who made the final call.

The House vote was originally scheduled for Thursday, March 23, but Republicans were unable to reach a consensus and delayed the vote until Friday.

And he also avoids growing dissatisfaction around the country over the growing realisation about how many poorer and older Americans - a large part of Mr Trump's support base - would lose their healthcare under his proposals. The fight over the AHCA calls into question the effectiveness of "The Closer's" governing.

It also means Republican representatives will not have to face the consequences of pushing through an unpopular bill. The tax reform debate will be as much about repealing and replacing an existing system as was the Obamacare effort.

The last-minute retraction is seen as a huge blow to the president. "He had said that what he was going to do was to prove himself the ultimate dealmaker, and the first deal he had to make he couldn't pull it off". "And it's not going to be pretty".

The bill's failure could impact the GOP and Trump White House's ability to enact its agenda going forward, as Trump indicated he would now turn his focus to tax reform.

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