Man holding human head stabs worker at Oregon grocery store

Judith QuinnMay 16, 2017

A man covered in blood reportedly walked into an OR grocery store on Sunday while carrying a knife in one hand - and a woman's severed head in the other.

The suspect - 36-year-old Joshua Lee Webb - was booked Monday on charges of murder and attempted murder, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Department.

A man who stabbed a grocery store employee in Estacada is believed to be connected to the death of a woman in Colton, May 14, 2017.

A 911 caller told dispatchers a man covered in blood entered the store carrying what looked like a severed human head and a knife. Deputies now say that the incident was linked to the stabbing. Both are expected to survive.

Having attacked the much beloved "white haired" checkout clerk, known for his warm greetings and sense of humor, co-workers pinned Webb to the ground until police arrived.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office says the victim in the Mother's Day homicide was Webb's mother - 59-year-old Tina Marie Webb.

The gruesome and freaky chain of events began Sunday afternoon when the man entered the Thriftway grocery store covered in blood and with "what looked like a large kitchen type of knife", Ernie Roberts, interim police chief in nearby Sandy, Oregon, said Monday in a phone interview.

The suspect and victim were identified Monday afternoon as Joshua Webb and Tina Webb. The suspect was taken to a hospital after being brought into custody.

Police have revealed they believe the two gruesome incidents are connected.

"He didn't say anything after he was subdued", Roberts said, adding that at one point before he was arrested the man told someone he was thirsty.

Just 15 minutes after the attack, another person called 911 to report finding a woman who appeared to be dead inside a home on the 25000 block of Elwood Drive in Colton. Authorities were conducting an autopsy on the woman Monday and did not immediately release her identity.

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