Scientists find new antibiotic right under our noses

28 Jul, 2016

Such infections have become increasingly resistant to the antibiotics commonly used to treat them, including methicillin, leading to the "super bug" known as MRSA , or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. "This is the way we should go with this kind of research", says John Penders, a microbiologist at Maastricht University, Netherlands, who was not involved in the study .

Deutsche Bank Profits Fall 98% To Just €20m

28 Jul, 2016

Deutsche Bank's value has almost halved since the beginning of the year, with its shares having fallen 43%. Revenues were down 20 percent in the quarter, in part related to Britain's vote to leave the European Union, with the investment bank sliding 28 percent.

"Most detailed" map of the brain unveiled

23 Jul, 2016

Neuroscientists working on the Human Connectome Project have compiled the most accurate map yet of the human cerebral cortex. Unlike previous studies of cortex organization which depended on one mode of imaging, the new software mapped the areas with an nearly 97 percent detection rate, using a number of MRI imaging measures, such as cortex thickness, cortex myelin content and functional MRI.

Coney Island Beach Briefly Evacuated During Visit From School Of Sharks

21 Jul, 2016

Coney Island lifeguards will keep the water clear until they have confirmed that a shark isn't swimming in the water, Howard said . Dohlin also said the fish could be basking sharks ( Cetorhinus maximus ), which are pretty much harmless to humans despite their menacing appearance.

SC nod to Lodha recommendations on BCCI reforms

20 Jul, 2016

Some members wanted to take on the Supreme Court saying the verdict is an infringement in their rights but gradually a sense of reconciliation dawned on the members who have soon realised that there may not be a way out from the landmark judgement which has upheld among other the clauses of one-state-one vote, 70-year age cap, three-term tenure cap and bar on ministers and bureaucrats from hold any positions in the board.

Gingrich: If asked, I would be Trump's VP

09 Jul, 2016

Trump defended himself against some of his harshest Senate critics. Others held posters with oversized faces of Republican legislators - including Toomey - with hats bearing Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again". Trump flashed a mischievous smile. "There was a lot of good feeling in the room", said Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford). His comments pointed toward the potential for Americans to, which is a stunning counterpoint to Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric, which is often categorized as ...

EU Member States Back Trans-Atlantic Data-Sharing Deal

09 Jul, 2016

In a statement by Vice President of the European Commission Andrus Ansip and Vera Jourova, EU Commissioner for Justice, said that Member States had given strong support to the Privacy Shield agreement. A revised pact governing EU-US data flows has been approved by European governments. Citing a leaked version of the agreement, Privacy International legal officer Tomaso Falchetta wrote in a blog post that "the Privacy Shield Ombudsperson will neither confirm nor deny whether the ...

Paris Jackson 'Doesn't Know' Estranged Mom Debbie Rowe Has Breast Cancer!

07 Jul, 2016

PARIS Jackson has apparently started speaking to her mum again following her recent breast cancer diagnosis. Rowe allegedly believes that the Jacksons influenced her daughter, causing tension in the relationship. TMZ reported that Paris broke off contact with Debbie more than a year ago. Jackson desperately wanted to have children, Rowe said. Debbie Rowe fully intends to fight back against her breast cancer diagnosis.

Three Men Charged With Murder of Former Cuomo Aide

30 Jun, 2016

Tyshawn Crawford - an alleged member of Hoodstarz, a gang affiliated with Folk Nation - was also caught on video on the street pulling out a gun, authorities said. A fourth man, Stanley Elianor, 25, of Brownsville, was indicted last fall on weapons charges after he was found in a vehicle stop with a gun linked to the shooting, the district attorney said.

Senate Votes Down $1.1B To Fight Zika Virus

29 Jun, 2016

The virus can cause disgusting birth defects and is likely to spread further this summer. The House passed the measure along party lines last week. Eight pregnancies in the USA have resulted in severe birth defects because of Zika. Democrats have been urging Republicans for months to agree to Zika funding. The White House threatened on Monday to veto the bill, citing its inadequate funding overall and claiming it would "block" access to contraception.

IN health officials stress importance of HIV testing

28 Jun, 2016

In order to help close this gap and mobilize grassroots support for ending the epidemic, HRC is helping LGBTQ people and allies "Take Pride in Knowing" their HIV status this summer. Physician-patient vignettes model discussions of these topics with patients of different ethnicities and sexual preferences, and with different HIV test results (HIV-positive, indeterminate, and HIV-negative with a high risk for infection).

Winds, Beetle Kill Continue To Fuel Beaver Creek Fire

24 Jun, 2016

He says the southern edge of the fire is still about 2½ miles north of the community. Crews will now be focused on expanding fire lines and conducting burnout operations. More resources on order and expected to arrive in coming days. The cause is under investigation by county law enforcement and forest-service personnel.

ACIP votes down use of LAIV for 2016-17 influenza season

24 Jun, 2016

Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Network. The nasal spray version of the annual flu vaccine failed to protect children last year for the third year in a row and should not be used this coming flu season, federal experts say. The CDC said this could impact vaccine providers such as pediatricians, but it will work with manufacturers throughout the summer to ensure there is enough vaccine supply to meet the demand.

Harrowing Antarctic Rescue Mission Will Involve Landing on Skis in Darkness

22 Jun, 2016

Athena Dinar, spokeswoman for the British Antarctic Survey, said one of two Twin Otter planes began the trip Tuesday, while the other is still at the Rothera station on the Antarctic peninsula. National Weather Service, the temperature at the station on Monday was -50 C, and -70 C with the wind chill. A daring South Pole medical rescue is underway.

£20m Arsenal transfer target addresses bid for first time

19 Jun, 2016

Meanwhile, Ranieri also conceded that Leicester are unlikely to retain their Premier League title in the 2016/17 season, but added that the Foxes will not go down without a fight. "He isn't a player that spends hour upon hour in the gym but instead has developed a very good functional strength, which is a big asset on the football pitch".

As the shootings unfolded, a horror for one mother via text

14 Jun, 2016

Omar Mateen, 29, was identified as the shooter by his ex-wife. 'The next text said: "He has us, and he's in here with us,"' Mina Justice said. She said her son Eddie told her "He has us, and he's fixing to kill us". "Once people started screaming and shots just keep ringing out you know that it's not a show anymore and you got to do what you got to do", he said.

Romney Makes Official Announcement About Third-Party Candidacy To Take On Trump

12 Jun, 2016

Romney also condemned the other GOP candidates this cycle for failing to take Trump on sooner. Trump began the pivot in early May, after he become the Republican Party's presumptive nominee. "There will be tremendous pressure on him". They are not used to a presidential candidate who speaks from the heart and talks the way the American public speaks.

CDC director: Funding delay hurts fight against Zika

11 Jun, 2016

Clark County Public Health officials are urging county residents to take basic but effective steps to limit mosquito breeding and the spread of West Nile virus this summer. Although Zika is primarily spread by mosquitoes, it can also be spread through sexual transmission. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not advised women to avoid pregnancy during the Zika outbreak unless they are infected with the virus.

Facebook post requesting birthday cards for autistic ME teen goes viral

11 Jun, 2016

No one showed up so Hallee sat and ate cake by herself. By the way, here's a sweet blog post mom Allyson wrote about her daughter last summer, just before that 18th birthday. She shared her cousin's story on social media and asked her friends to take a few minutes to send a card. 'First off, she is a attractive young woman-both inside and out.

Pittsburgh researcher infected with Zika in lab accident

11 Jun, 2016

The university officials have confirmed the case, which is first of its kind. He said the person tested positive on a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test following the needle stick. A female lab researcher from the University of Pittsburgh contracts Zika virus after accidentally sticking herself with an infected needle. Symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis.

Californians vote amid rare turn in presidential spotlight

11 Jun, 2016

California Attorney Kamala Harris is considered the front-runner, with Rep. Loretta Sanchez of Orange County her likely challenger in November. Republican Duf Sundeim trails in third place with just under 10 percent of the vote and Republican Phil Wyman in fourth with almost 6 percent.

CDC: 30.4% of Americans 20 and older are obese

09 Jun, 2016

Over the same period, obesity rate for children and adolescents have also increased to 17%, while 6 percent of them are extremely obese, according to a separate report . Obesity in women has gone up, according to a new study . Brian Elbel , a professor in population health and health policy at the NYU School of Medicine, said the obesity-in-women puzzle underscores the fact that, as a society, we simply haven't figured out how to address or combat obesity.

Thailand first Asian nation to eliminate mom-to-baby HIV

09 Jun, 2016

In 2015, the number of children who became infected with HIV through mother-to-child transmission was 85 - a decline of more than 90 percent from figures in 2000, where some 1,000 children were infected with HIV , reported Thailand's Ministry of Public Health.

ASCO Results: Diabetes Drug Shows Promise in Cancer Treatment, Prevention

09 Jun, 2016

Because of this, patients may find themselves stopping the pills before the first five years, resulting in risks not being lowered. There are two main types of aromatase inhibitors, letrozole, also known by brand name Femara, and anastrozole, or Arimidex.

Fox Valley awarded $200K for mental health

09 Jun, 2016

Fourteen percent of news stories discussed successful treatment or recovery from mental illness. It can assistance revoke a amicable tarnish trustworthy to mental health conditions, and one of a ways to do this is by highlighting successful support accessible to those with a disorder - though usually 14 percent of a news stories analyzed in a Johns Hopkins investigate mentioned effective diagnosis for mental illness .

Zika forum held in Raleigh to brainstorm virus solutions

08 Jun, 2016

The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis. Long-lasting complications can include difficulty concentrating, migraines, extreme muscle weakness, tremors and limb paralysis. "Iowans need to take action against West Nile because we do know our mosquitos will be transmitting West Nile this summer", she said. Zika virus is spread mostly by mosquitoes.

Hostess recalls snacks over peanut residue

07 Jun, 2016

This recall applies only to the products listed at this link . Anyone with a peanut sensitivity or allergy is urged to return the products to where they bought them or throw them out. "Subsequent analysis revealed the source of the peanut residue to be (Grain Craft's) soft red winter wheat flour", according to the FDA. However, listeriosis can cause high fever, severe headache, neck stiffness and nausea.

America Has Bacteria Resistant To All Antibiotics Now

06 Jun, 2016

The existence of MCR was reported for the first time just last November, in a report by British and Chinese researchers who said they had found the gene in people, animals, and meat in several areas of China. About two million Americans fall ill from antibiotic-resistant bacteria every year and at least 23,000 die from those infections. "It's another warning, not a death star, but a very strong warning that we really do have to be careful with antibiotics and use them optimally", ...

General Mills Recalls Four Flavors of Nature Valley Bars

04 Jun, 2016

If there are other products affected or recalled the CFIA says they will notify the public through food recall warnings. Consumers who purchased the recalled food items between the affected dates are asked to dispose of them. Read the initial recall information here. Although infected pregnant women may experience only mild, flu-like symptoms, the infection can lead to premature delivery, infection of the newborn or even stillbirth.

Kashi recalling select granola bars, granola over listeria concern

04 Jun, 2016

In healthy adults, short-term symptoms could include fever, headaches, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. The granola bars in question are packaged in a 7.4-ounce box with the UPC Code 18627030000 and a better if used before date (s) of January 4-9 of 2017.

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