More Likely Homegrown Zika Cases Found in Texas

10 Dec, 2016

The traps are collected the next day and samples gathered are sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Austin office for identification. Since then, country health workers have been going door-to-door in the woman's neighborhood, helping people remove mosquito-breeding habitat from their yards and taking urine samples from residents to determine if anyone else has been infected.

Hall leads Devils over Canucks with goal, assist and hit

08 Dec, 2016

The only person on the ice that seems to give a damn about Philip Larsen is Jacob Markstrom, the Canucks goalie. Video of the hit shows Larsen falling on his back in the second period after the hit from Hall's shoulder. The second period began with Vancouver tying the game after a series of passes between Daniel Sedin and Brandon Sutter resulted in Daniel's 8th goal of the season.

Cambridge starts relief fund to aid victims of massive fire

05 Dec, 2016

The fire began just around 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon on Berkshire Street and quickly spread - prompting fire departments from several towns to respond. In its first hour, people donated $18,706. WBUR reported that at least one responder was being treated for smoke inhalation and a shelter has been opened at the War Memorial Recreation Centre in Cambridge for those displaced.

Flag returns to Hampshire College

03 Dec, 2016

Hampshire's President says none of its actions were about politics. "Ha! Absolutely not", Hampshire College spokesperson John Courtmanche told TheWrap when we asked if the segment had anything to do with the decision. Initially, Lash announced that the flag would be flown at half-staff at Hampshire for the campus to "express grief over the violent deaths being suffered in this country and globally".

Pregnant women are urged to get free flu jab

30 Nov, 2016

This alone reveals that there is no correlation between flu or flu vaccines and autism. "It's important [to be vaccinated] because it will reduce sickness, it will reduce time missed from school, time missed for work, and it will also reduce hospitalizations and doctors visits", Kelly told the council members.

Zika is no longer an worldwide public health emergency, says WHO

26 Nov, 2016

Fighting Zika has been a learning process, he said , but it won't be a victory until there's a vaccine. Florida reports more than 200 locally-acquired cases, spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquitos that thrive in Florida. Researchers said more study is needed to fully comprehend the range of disorders associated with congenital Zika infection, and emphasized the importance of early neuroimaging for infants born to mothers who contracted the virus while pregnant.

Americans want Trump to focus on healthcare first

20 Nov, 2016

But Moultrie is telling those she helps not to be too concerned about it. "Grand Lake Health System's doors are open to everyone", she said . However, Trump said he would retain parts of Obamacare, specifically those in which parents are able to keep children on their health insurance plans until they are 26.

Trump's 60 Minutes interview airs tonight

14 Nov, 2016

Trump said he would include coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and for children living with their parents for an extended period of time. He also spoke with the CBS show about his plans to revamp President Barack Obama's health care reform and praised the Clintons for their "talent". "She couldn't have been nicer".

Governor-elect Eric Holcomb delivers speech following big GOP victory in Indiana

11 Nov, 2016

Holcomb promised a diverse administration and plans to continue building on the foundation Indiana Governor Mike Pence put in place before becoming the Vice President-elect. Republican Eric Holcomb will be working with GOP supermajorities in the Legislature when he takes office as Indiana's new governor in January. "I think Hoosiers all over the state of IN said last night that they want to keep this state moving forward", he said.

Disgraced Theranos Hit With $140 Million Lawsuit

10 Nov, 2016

But John Carreyrou , the star Wall Street Journal reporter who led the investigation against Theranos , said on Twitter that Walgreens is suing for $140 million. "Over the years, Walgreens consistently failed to meet its commitments to Theranos ", the statement said. The move comes one month after another investor filed a complaint against Theranos - Partner Fund Management.

Philadelphia Eagles release WR Josh Huff, who was arrested earlier this week

06 Nov, 2016

Huff was pulled over originally for a traffic violation on the Walt Whitman Bridge when an officer also found a 9mm handgun and a small amount of marijuana inside Huff's vehicle. I'm not going to bring a gun and put my life, my teammates in jeopardy, that's not me. "This is exclusively for protection and that's it". Huff has said his mother had a violent temper and once tried to kill him on his 18th birthday by swinging a two-by-four his head.

Clinton Camp Boasts Early Voting Performance In Key Battlegrounds

05 Nov, 2016

Like Hudson, 27 million other Americans have cast votes early, as allowed in many states. Friday afternoon is the last day Tarrant County voters can get the famous "I Voted" sticker before Election Day. He said Trump will have to "outperform Romney on Election Day" to pull ahead in those states. NY does not have early voting, either. She wanted to vote on Friday, but then changed her mind.

Latest Odds, Important Stats for Cubs vs. Indians

04 Nov, 2016

Chicago's offense will get a boost in Cleveland as Kyle Schwarber will be able to return to the starting lineup as the designated hitter. The NBA has moved up the start time for Tuesday night's Cleveland Cavaliers game because of the World Series .

Cancer to kill 5.5 million women a year by 2030

04 Nov, 2016

Breast cancer survival in low- and middle-income countries is lower than in high-income countries. The series, launched at the 2016 World Cancer Congress in Paris, France, argues that more must be done by the global community to implement these and other interventions more widely.

Hair-of-the-dog skin patch could help peanut allergy children

04 Nov, 2016

The skin patch delivers small doses of peanut protein to the child through a Band-Aid-like device that goes on their arm. The findings were part of a year-long study funded by the National Institutes of Health. Only 12 percent of the placebo group were able to do so, according to WebMD . "In the data released to date, there have been minimal side effects".

Turkish says its artillery aiding Iraq Kurds

27 Oct, 2016

The Russian Defense Ministry blamed the strike on the USA -led coalition, saying it had "all the signs of a war crime". (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed). Arabic that reads "confiscated by Islamic State" is written on a restaurant in the town of Bartella , Iraq, Saturday, Oct.

Merck drug gets FDA approval as a first-line lung cancer treatment

26 Oct, 2016

Net income attributable rose to $2.18 billion, or 78 cents per share, for the third quarter from $1.83 billion, or 64 cents per share, a year earlier. Also in its decision , the FDA widely broadened the number of patients who can be offered Keytruda as a second-line treatment, which is given after previous chemotherapy.

General Mills milks Girl Scout Cookie popularity with cereal

25 Oct, 2016

You'll be able to find the limited edition cereal nationwide in January. The announcement of cereals made from everybody's favorite cookies had twitter buzzing as people suddenly got very excited to eat breakfast. Samoas, to your breakfast table. Kara Maker joked that when she had told a friend about the cereal, they could only respond: "What a time to be alive".

Dover clinic will give you flu-shot via drive-thru

21 Oct, 2016

Allen Fein, who practices in Southampton, said he believes it is important for everyone to get the vaccination to help prevent a potential disaster like the 1918 flu pandemic, which killed millions-including his grandfather's first wife. For more information, visit . An annual flu shot is recommended because the shot is updated each season to protect against the flu viruses that research indicates will be most common.

Local measures in November election

20 Oct, 2016

All that work is created to make sure every voter who abides by the rules has his or her votes counted and democratic voice heard. However, they can request a provisional ballot and cast it at the polling place. "Then there are some local races". The envelope is not opened by the Board of Elections until after the certificate is detached. At that time, those ballots are run into the machine.

New mammogram technique 30% more accurate in predicting breast cancer

14 Oct, 2016

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women and although it's very rare, men can have breast cancer too. Breast cancer is most treatable during its early stages, making early detection vital. Nationwide, 30 per cent of eligible women aren't enrolled in the free mammogram screening. One cancer expert sees the disparity between white and black women as a problem of inadequate access and care.

High blood pressure has substantial association with brain health

13 Oct, 2016

People who suffered from light-headedness when getting up were up to 39 per cent more likely to go on to develop dementia, researchers found. Global Positioning System should consider the symptoms as a "red flag", and should not dismiss them as a harmless part of getting old, scientists said .

Shocking! 268 million children may be overweight by 2025, says a study

12 Oct, 2016

Tim Lobstein, Head of Policy at the World Obesity Federation and co-author of the study , in a press release . Bristol had the worst rates in the South West for overweight pupils in Year 6 for 2014/15, with an astonishing 35 per cent of children falling into this category.

MATTHEW: Florida theme parks impacted by storm

11 Oct, 2016

Walt Disney World is reportedly working with guests on cancellations, and waiving the cancellation fees. They will stay closed at least through Friday. The parks closed Thursday and remained closed Friday because of Hurricane Matthew . The Kennedy Space Center is closed both today and tomorrow, according to Fox News Orlando .

Why are Republicans dropping Trump now?

10 Oct, 2016

Trump , who spent Saturday hunkered down in his NY skyscraper, tweeted that he would not yield the Republican nomination under any circumstances: "The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly - I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE, WILL NEVER LET MY SUPPORTERS DOWN!" The list of Republicans calling on Trump to step aside is growing, but the number is still tiny compared to the GOP leaders who prefer to condemn Trump's words while maintaining their support.

Sorting Through the LSU-Florida Mess

08 Oct, 2016

Another scenario could be to play the game over conference championship weekend, assuming neither Florida nor LSU are in the SEC championship game of course. Florida and LSU aren't playing this weekend, and everybody's mad. In that scenario, the Gators would be left with the diminished gate receipts and concession sales from the other venue - and even in a stadium of comparable size, like Tiger Stadium, the short notice would have likely meant a very small gate (South Carolina's ...

Jayalalithaa's condition continues to improve, says hospital

04 Oct, 2016

The press release stated, "The Honourable Chief Minister is responding well to the treatment given to her. Apollo Hospital obtained an expert opinion from International Specialist and Consultant from the Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London, Dr Richard Beale who was flown in from the United Kingdom on September 30, 2016", it said.

Brown Signs Bill For Earthquake Early Warning System

02 Oct, 2016

The L.A. Times reports that this has happened only twice since 1932, and this has been the largest swarm of earthquakes yet. If residents of Southern California were a little on edge this week, no one can blame them. Official say Southern California residents should remain on heightened alert until Tuesday for the increased possibility of a major quake. Experts also think the San Andreas is smoother than other fault lines, which gives it the ability to continue shaking and turn into a ...

Wells Fargo boss to give up $41m in options over scandal

30 Sep, 2016

Also, Tolstedt, who announced her retirement this summer and was expected to stay with the bank through the end of the year, has left the company. The move is part of what the independent directors say are a "number of initial steps they believe are appropriate to promote accountability" at San Francisco-based Wells (NYSE: WFC), Colorado's largest bank.

Six healthy babies born in Nicaragua to Zika-infected mothers

29 Sep, 2016

Croix with 60, and St. John with 20 confirmed cases. Amnuay Gajeena, MD, director-general of Thailand's Department of Disease Control, said Zika is not endemic in the country, and that three to four cases of microcephaly are consistent with the 1% to 30% incidence of Zika-related microcephaly seen in other countries.

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