UK's Johnson cancels Moscow visit after Syria gas attack

10 Apr, 2017

The nature of the substance used has not been confirmed, and Syria has insisted it would not and has not used chemical weapons. Last Friday in Syria, the day the United States fired 59 cruise missiles around 3:40 a.m. "Russian Federation is fully supporting Syria and trying to make excuses for the use of weapons of mass destruction", Mr Shelbrooke said. "That America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines".

IS fighters in Mosul provoking coalition strikes on civilians

09 Apr, 2017

Votel also told the committee that almost 800 Iraqi security forces have been killed and 4,600 wounded in the increasingly brutal battle to retake Mosul from IS extremists that began last fall. Putting civilians at risk is the nature of war in a dense urban environment against an enemy who doesn't recognize the laws of war, both Townsend and Votel said.

S Korea Test Fires 800 Km-Range Missile

09 Apr, 2017

She was referring to North Korea's young leader, Kim Jong Un. During his first Asia tour this month, Tillerson said the USA was looking at a "new approach" against North Korea in which "all options are on the table", including military action.

Samsung expected to sell over 40 million Galaxy S8 units

08 Apr, 2017

Buyers of the premium edition of the Galaxy S8 Plus that comes with a 6GB RAM and internal data storage capacity of 128GB can also choose to receive the DeX instead, which allows users to connect smartphones to a desktop monitor and keyboard.

Kushner omits some foreign contacts on security form

08 Apr, 2017 said the administration is complaining that its victory dance about the airstrikes on Syria Thursday night and the confirmation of its Supreme Court nominee is getting stepped on by too many stories about palace intrigue within the White House.

Russia ups ante by freezing communications with US in Syria

08 Apr, 2017

A senior U.S. military official said the deconfliction line remained open as of noon Friday and had been used by United States and Russian officials since the USA strike on a Syrian regime airfield. And the Kremlin says Syria's government wasn't responsible. President Trump authorized a missile launch into Syria late Thursday in response to a chemical attack earlier this week that USA and other Western officials believe was conducted by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

South African ex-minister sacked by Zuma resigns as MP

07 Apr, 2017

The office of the ANC chief whip's liaison officer, Nonceba Mhlauli, said they were not told the reasons for Jonas's resignations and said she was not in a position to speculate. The opposition parties said ANC MPs should introspect "and choose Zuma and the Guptas - or the people". He said the NWC had since congratulated all newly-appointed ministers and the deputies.

Trump aide faces Russian Federation questions

07 Apr, 2017

Nunes' independence, however, has been called into question by Schiff and some other members of Congress following the last big cliffhanger in this melodrama. Spicer wasn't just irked by reporters trying to create and sustain the appearance of a Russian Federation scandal. This is the House's de facto chief investigator into the Russiagate matter, which involves the question of whether Russian officials were coordinating with Trump associates during the campaign.

Russia bans images of Putin linked to 'gay clown' meme

07 Apr, 2017

Court records say the fact Mr Putin's makeup "hints at the Russian president's allegedly nonstandard sexual orientation" was a major factor in the decision. And a former naval captain from Rostov who reposted an antiwar report about Ukraine got a two-year suspended sentence and one year of probation for inciting hatred and animosity.

Judge blocks Seattle law allowing ride-hailing divers to unionize

07 Apr, 2017

State officials announced that a MA law passed in 2016 requiring Uber and Lyft drivers to undergo more thorough background checks resulted in over 10 percent of drivers failing the examinations. Seattle's lawyers disagreed and say allowing drivers to bargain over their working conditions will make the industry safer and more reliable. The case remains ongoing following Lasnik's preliminary ruling, Kimberly Mills, communications director for city attorney Peter Holmes, said in an April 4 ...

Girl found living with monkeys in Indian forest

07 Apr, 2017

The girl's presence in the district hospital has evoked curiosity among the locals. The child is reportedly feral and doesn't respond to human interaction. "She looked miserable. If we hadn't rescued her she could have been eaten by other animals". Girl is undergoing from treatment and has shown improvement following the treatment but the improvement has been very slow.

Muslim man dies after attack by cow vigilantes in India

06 Apr, 2017

Hindus, a majority in the country, regard the cow as holy, and this is the latest in a series of incidents of cow vigilantes attacking people transporting cattle in various parts of the country. Cow vigilantes have been blamed for increasing attacks on those in the cow slaughter trade. While videos, said to be of the particular incident, are circulating on social media, the police is yet to arrest a single cow-vigilante.

Don't meddle in our internal policies, India tells China

06 Apr, 2017

The Tibetan spiritual leader was greeted by cheering supporters as he arrived in the partly ethnically Tibetan Himalayan state that China claims as its own territory. While India tries to use Buddhist soft power as a diplomatic tool, one need only look at how quickly the Mongolians regretted their welcome of the Dalai Lama in November 2016.

Trump defends Fox News host O'Reilly as 'good person'

06 Apr, 2017

When Fox CEO Roger Ailes was under scrutiny and later forced to resign, Trump continued to maintain his innocence and stand by the aggressor, even as it threatened his presidential ambitions. O'Reilly has always been a ratings standout for the conservative cable news channel, despite multiple allegations of sexual harassment that have been brought against him from women within the company.

Fed minutes reveal debate over inflation and Trump

06 Apr, 2017

The Fed has been keeping the level of its balance sheet steady at $4.5 trillion, compared with less than $1 trillion before the financial crisis. With improving economic conditions, the Fed increased interest rates by 25 basis points on March 15.

Trump to end support for UN Population Fund over abortions

05 Apr, 2017

In a statement on its website, UNFPA said it regrets the USA decision to end funding, which it said is based on an " erroneous claim " that the agency supports coercive abortion or involuntary sterilisation in China. President Clinton restored the funding in 1993, before President George W. Bush defunded the UNFPA from 2002 to 2008, in a move costing the agency a total of some $244 million.

AP findings on Trump associate's work for Russian oligarch

04 Apr, 2017

In 2005 a memo obtained by the AP , Manafort lays out a strategy that, "can greatly benefit the Putin Government if employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success". The newly obtained business records link Manafort more directly to Putin's interests in the region. Manafort has an apartment at Trump Tower in NY and is a veteran of politics and lobbying; his career stretches back to Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.

US Congress rolls back family planning funding protections

03 Apr, 2017

Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) voted with the Democrats to uphold the rule, leaving a tie. However, Planned Parenthood and other clinics already can not receive federal money for abortions. "I want Senate Republicans who are about to take this vote, and Vice President Pence, to be very clear on what they are about to do", Washington Democrat Sen.

VP Mike Pence breaks tie on Planned Parenthood funding

03 Apr, 2017

The bill will dismiss a rule put in place under Obama that prohibited states from blocking the use of federal funds for organizations that provide abortions. The funds, though, already can not go to abortion services, Democrats said. Naturally, Planned Parenthood ridiculed the bill, saying it could encourage states to discriminate against family planning healthcare providers that also offer abortions.

EC issuing political statement on EVM tampering: AAP

03 Apr, 2017

The Congress party leaders have also said that they would approach the Election Commission for an inquiry. Responding to the Congress complaint, the Election Commission said that it has made a decision to depute a team led by Bhanwar Lal, CEO of Andhra Pradesh to supervise by-elections in Madhya Pradesh.

New tunnel opens in troubled Indian Kashmir to ease travel

03 Apr, 2017

The tunnel will save fuel worth almost Rs. 99 crores a year. According to an estimate, the twin-tube tunnel will result in a saving of over Rs 27 lakh in fuel per day. He again invoked former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's doctrine of "Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat aur Kashmiriyat (humanity, democracy and Kashmiriyat - the ethno-national and social consciousness and cultural values of the Kashmiri people)", and said this "prime motto" would be used to take the state to new heights of ...

Sindhu wins India Open title for first time

03 Apr, 2017

But Sindhu was prepared this time around as she raised the tempo once again to clinch three straight points and pocket the game. Sindhu upped the ante in the second game with a strong and solid court game, to race to a 4-0 lead. Smashes - yes, especially that powerful one from Sindhu down the line and not to forget Marin's game at the net, which is second to none. Sindhu began the match with a balanced approach of aggression and calmness which reflected in her smashes and drop shots.

Republicans reportedly may try another vote on Obamacare replacement bill next week

03 Apr, 2017

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, officially resigned membership of the group of lawmakers Monday, citing concerns with the group's strong opposition to the Republican health care plan. Capitol Hill Democrats formed a united front against the effort to repeal and replace President Barack Obama's signature legislative accomplishment.

Mayor Bill de Blasio vows to close Rikers Island jail facility

02 Apr, 2017

Rikers Island, which is home to ten jail facilities and some 10,000 inmates, has always been a point of contention for New York City, with activists having spent years working to shut down the notoriously violent penal complex. For example, de Blasio said the inmate population would have to decrease to about 5,000, halving its present number and also if the crime rate in NY remains low.

Hope For Commuters As Some Dublin Bus Services Return To Action

01 Apr, 2017

Iarnród Éireann advises customers that due to secondary picketing associated with the Bus Éireann dispute at a number of locations, extensive disruption can be expected to rail services today. Bus Éireann workers in Athlone say they are determined to continue their strike action for as long as necessary. However rail services between Galway and Limerick are still cancelled.

Merkel's conservatives win Saarland vote in boost for national campaign

31 Mar, 2017

The SPD has recently seen a surge in support under its new leader Martin Schulz, with some polls placing the party neck-and-neck with the CDU and even ahead of them for the first time in nearly 10 years. The bill - which was said to include how much German spending fell below the two per cent North Atlantic Treaty Organisation target over the past 12 years, plus interest - was reportedly given to Ms Merkel during talks held in Washington earlier in March.

Nunes, Comey clash on whether FBI chief invited to House Russia investigation

31 Mar, 2017

The FBI and other USA intelligence officials have since launched investigations into Trump's ties to Russia and whether members of his administration had been in contact with Russian envoys during the election. As early as July, intelligence officials believed that Russia was interfering, but it was not until October that the Obama administration formally accused Russia, and a January report found that the Russians wanted to "undermine public faith in the US democratic process" as well as ...

Brent crude and West Texas Intermediate oil prices are rising

31 Mar, 2017

USA crude oil inventories remain in the upper limit of the average range for this time of year, according to the EIA. "That (Libya), along with the Iranian oil minister saying there is likely to be an extension to the production cut deal, helped crude oil rally overnight", Greg McKenna, chief market strategist at futures brokerage AxiTrader, said.

United Nations secretary-general starts official visit to Iraq

31 Mar, 2017

Guterres's visit comes at a critical time for Iraq, which is fighting to retake Mosul in a battle that has sparked myriad humanitarian concerns. Amid reports of dozens of civilians killed by air strikes in Mosul, he added that "protection of civilians must be the absolute priority".

White House invites lawmakers to see intelligence material

31 Mar, 2017

In the letter, White House Counsel Don McGhan wrote the material related to whether "information collected on United States persons was mishandled and leaked". Nunes earlier this month said he had been shown information indicating that the US intelligence community incidentally collected information on members of President Trump's transition team.

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