FBI Investigates Suspected Russian Hacking at New York Times, Other Media Outlets

25 Aug, 2016

Several other news organizations appear to have been the victim of a breach as well. A few years prior in 2007, Russian hackers were suspected of launching a sustained cyberattack against Estonian organizations, including its Parliament, banks and newspapers after a Soviet war memorial was removed from Estonia's capital.

Canada Warns US Tourists Not To Bring Firearms To That Country

25 Aug, 2016

Canadian laws are different than US ones, the agency reiterated in a news release. Visitors entering the border inspection line should declare any firearms at their first opportunity. A USA citizen's vehicle may also be seized and the owner will have to pay a penalty to get it back. Handguns and semi-automatic rifles that are popular in the US are tightly restricted in Canada , according to the Toronto Star .

Nigerian air force says kills top Boko Haram militants, leader believed wounded

24 Aug, 2016

The president said that though militancy in the Niger Delta had impacted negatively on the economy and affected positive intentions of worldwide and local investors, government had showed restraint to use of real force. A video showing dozens of the girls on Sunday said Shekau is willing to negotiate a prisoner swap for detained Boko Haram commanders. He said, "The Nigerian Air Force has recorded another major success in the ongoing counter-insurgency and counter terrorism operation ...

Mark Kirk: Barack Obama Acting Like Drug Dealer Chief

23 Aug, 2016

Kirk was responding to reports that the administration paid $400 million in cash to Iran in January as Iran released Americans that had been held as prisoners. "Those 500-euro notes will pop up across the Middle East", he said, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune. Kirk later apologized for "inappropriate remarks".

Trump blasts nation-building but wants Iraq oil

23 Aug, 2016

After his controversial call to place a "total ban" on Muslims entering the US, Donald Trump presented a new immigration policy proposal on Mondaythat will require Muslims to take a test before being admitted into the US. One stand out from the plan was Trump's clear opposition to "nation building", which likely refers to large-scale, long-term, boots-on-the-ground military operations.

A Kansas Lawmaker's Son Was Decapitated on a Water Slide This Week

23 Aug, 2016

The state, though, has no direct jurisdiction over parks like Schlitterbahn. State inspectors said they do a thorough check of all of these slides before the season starts plus lifeguards ride each of the slides every morning before the park opens to make sure everything is operating safely.

US Military Comes Under Attack from Syrian Regime Airstrikes

21 Aug, 2016

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told reporters the coalition aircraft reached the area around the city of Hasaka as the two Syrian SU-24s were leaving. IS controls most of the Euphrates valley to the south of Hasakeh, and tensions between regime and Kurdish forces have sometimes led to armed clashes in spite of their common jihadist enemy.

Donald Trump pleads for black votes: 'What do you have to lose?'

21 Aug, 2016

Since late July, Clinton has fluctuated between holding the support of 41 and 44 percent of likely voters. Hillary Clinton and President Obama have declined to travel to the area. who wants to see a better future", Trump told the predominantly white crowd. Approximately 48 percent of Trump supporters said they were "somewhat confident" in the accuracy of the presidential vote, and 79 percent of Clinton supporters said the same.

China to consider economic retaliation against S. Korea over THAAD

21 Aug, 2016

Numerous protesters, melon farmers from Seongju region, sat in somber silence as they had their heads shaved while a protest leader led a crowd in chants of "No THAAD!" in reference to the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD ). "We residents gathered here and shaved heads to demonstrate against its deployment". It has vowed to take "counteractions" against Seoul and Washington's deployment of THAAD in Seongju, North Gyeongsang Province.

Judge denies request to depose Clinton

21 Aug, 2016

The former secretary of state, who was in charge of the office between 2001 and 2005, at a far earlier stage of online communications development, had only recalled an email memo to Clinton, in which he described his use of the personal account for unclassified messages, the statement by Powell's office said, adding that it might still exist in the Federal Bureau of Investigation files.

Hillary Clinton releases tax returns to pressure Donald Trump

21 Aug, 2016

It may be easier for the Clintons to release the details of their finances than it would be for Trump to release his, since almost all of their income is from book sales and speech fees, both of which Hillary Clinton has already made public in her filings with the Federal Elections Commission.

US to send delegation to Turkey for Gulen probe

21 Aug, 2016

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Turkey will stand with Pakistan in its fight against terrorism, Dunya News reported on Thursday. Two of the attacks were auto bombings that hit police stations, while a third - a roadside blast - targeted a military vehicle carrying soldiers.

Donald Trump vying for African American vote

21 Aug, 2016

I have done that, " the GOP nominee said , reading from prepared text. At a March rally in North Carolina, a white Trump supporter was charged with assault after video captured him sucker-punching a black protester. Trump spoke to a crowd at The Summit Sports Arena in Dimondale just outside Lansing. It's not the first appeal Trump has made to the demographic, despite his dismal standing in the polls.

World's largest glass bridge opens in China

21 Aug, 2016

Glass-bottomed bridges have been erected across China as a way to attract tourists. The 430-metre long, 6-metre wide glass-bottomed walkway hangs 300 metres above a canyon in the Tianmenshan National Forest Park in Hunan province, central China.

Yemen's Houthi rebels condemn hospital airstrike

21 Aug, 2016

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) on Thursday said it was evacuating its staff from six hospitals in northern Yemen after 19 people were killed in an air strike on one of its facilities earlier this week. The coalition stepped up the raids this month after UN-mediated peace talks between the rebels and the internationally-backed government were suspended.

God saved me says Jewish victim in 'Allahu Akbar' knife attack

20 Aug, 2016

A rabbi has been stabbed in Strasbourg , allegedly by a Muslim. Witnesses quoted by several media said the assailant shouted "Allahu Akbar" prior to carrying out the attack, but Le Figaro said police in the city were refusing to confirm this detail.

Meteors Per Hour During Peak Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

18 Aug, 2016

The Perseids meteor shower, which comes from the constellation Perseus , is a celestial event that happens once a year when Earth passes through a path of dust and debris created by Comet Swift-Tuttle. and dawn. According to NASA , the rate could be double this year. Most meteors burn up in our sky around 50 miles above the Earth's surface. Even if you can't make it to a park or another wide-open space like the beach, you should still be able to see some of the night's meteors by ...

Japan urges global community to continue its support of United Nations ruling

17 Aug, 2016

He told reporters: "That would relieve us (of) the burden of discussing contentious issues because we have another group doing that". Reuters reported this week that Vietnam had discreetly fortified several of its islands in the South China Sea with new mobile rocket launchers.

Live updates, stats from tonight's Royals-Tigers game

17 Aug, 2016

The Detroit Tigers are hosting the Kansas City Royals tonight in Major League Baseball action. In his last 26 innings, Kennedy has allowed just three earned runs, lowering his ERA to 3.78. Royals manager Ned Yost summoned right-hander Peter Moylan to face the right-handed hitting James McCann, who promptly singled into the hole at shortstop.

Third French burqini ban after Corsica clashes

16 Aug, 2016

A mass brawl broke out between a group of youths and north African families after a tourist took a picture of women in burkinis. The clashes injured five people, all of whom were discharged from hospital by late Sunday, prosecutors said, adding that no arrests were made.

Donald Trump calls for 'extreme vetting' of immigration applicants

16 Aug, 2016

Trump will say the country is in an ideological conflict with radical Islam. The plan also called for a concerted effort overseas to destroy the Islamic State and other radical Islamic terror groups, which would include military, financial and cyber warfare.

One shot dead by ULFA militants

15 Aug, 2016

Sonowal on Saturday chaired a high-level law and order review meeting with the senior civil and police official at the state Assembly complex in the wake of Friday night's militants' strike. The injured persons were rushed to nearest hospital. Two violent attacks within a week shook Assam's fragile peace and alerted the security forces ahead of the Independence Day celebrations in the state .

Michael Phelps, The Most Decorated Olympian In History, Is Now Officially Retired!

15 Aug, 2016

Most of the USA swim team was in the stands to watch Phelps' finale, including the biggest female star at the pool, Katie Ledecky. Phelps's 13 gold medals in individual races means he has also surpassed the Greek Olympic legend Leonidas of Rhodes , whose previous record of 12 individual event wins was set in 152 B.C.

International Olympic Committee condemns athletes for disrespectful attitude to Yefimova

15 Aug, 2016

The planning and construction stages of almost every modern Olympic Games have been touch-and-go: the sheer scale of the Games requires such massive changes to infrastructure and transit that even with several years' lead time, actually getting everything done to Olympic standards often comes down to the wire.

At least 49 dead in bloody Saturday for Syria's Aleppo

15 Aug, 2016

The Observatory said government airstrikes and shelling on opposition areas in Aleppo city and the surrounding countryside killed 40 civilians Saturday, while the Local Coordination Committees put the toll in opposition areas at 45 dead. The attacks came as the United Nations started its investigation into a reported chemical attack by the Syrian regime on opposition areas of Aleppo city on Thursday.

Grant County confirms first case of Zika

14 Aug, 2016

House Republicans did vote to approve a Zika funding bill in May, but the White House vowed to veto it, and Democrats opposed the measure because it pulled about half of the $622 million in the bill from efforts to fight Ebola. President Obama asked Congress for $1.9 billion to fight Zika in February, but Congress has not been able to agree on a funding package. However, members of Congress raised questions after reports that only$180 million had been obligated as of July.

Former Turkish worldwide Hakan Sukur wanted for involvement with armed terror group

13 Aug, 2016

Former Turkey worldwide Hakan Sukur has been issued with an arrest warrant by prosecutors investigating the failed July coup in the country, according to reports. He faced a separate court case in June accused of insulting Erdogan. A court earlier ordered to arrest Hakan Sukur and confiscate his and Sermet Sukur's property.

Chicago Bears: A big zero in the preseason opener

13 Aug, 2016

Perhaps. At least numerous players - linebackers Jerrell Freeman and Danny Trevathan, defensive lineman Akiem Hicks, offensive linemen Ted Larsen and Bobby Massie - come from successful programs. He showed an ability to make catches over the middle of the field, and he also showed that he could pick up yards after the catch as well, racking up 33 total yards to lead all Bears receivers in that category.

Opposition to oil pipeline heats up in North Dakota, Iowa

13 Aug, 2016

The pipeline would interfere with Native American territory (the Standing Rock Reservation). He said the pipeline must be stopped "so our future generations can live on". According to a press release issued late Tuesday, Hanigan argues that the IUB misinterpreted Iowa law, specifically the 2006 law created to protect Iowa farmland and the United States Constitution.

Polls close in Zambia after tight presidential race

12 Aug, 2016

Lungu, who is standing on the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) ticket as a presidential candidate 18 months after he won last year's presidential election which saw him win by less than 28,000 votes, said his opponents in the August 11 polls have nothing new they were promising the voters.

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