State Department promotion of Trump's Mar-a-Lago draws fire

25 Apr, 2017

Trump broke precedent by not divesting from his business interests when he became president. The post linked to a longer description of Mar-a-Lago by Share America , which is the State Department's "platform for sharing compelling stories and images that spark discussion and debate on important topics like democracy, freedom of expression, innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and the role of civil society", the Guardian reported.

More Moto X (2017) leaked images appear online, showing dual-camera setup

22 Apr, 2017

It seems that Lenovo's Moto X series has firmly moved to mid-range status thanks to new leaked shots of what is claimed to be the Moto X (2017) with some interesting diagnostic data. A spring or summer launch is entirely possible and there's every chance the Moto X 2017 will land alongside the Moto Z2 , which itself is expected to land in mid-2017, possibly in June.

HTC announces VIVE product launch in India

22 Apr, 2017

VivePort is where the users can get more Vive content and there are hundreds of apps supported. Vive has totally transformed the way we interact with the world, bringing ultimate mainstream experience to the consumer. The second project is SpaceVR, a virtual reality platform allowing users to take in 4K resolution VR footage of space firsthand, courtesy of the Overview 1 - the world's first VR-enabled satellite, planned to launch later this year in partnership with commercial space travel ...

Tropical Storm Arlene forms in Atlantic — FIRST ALERT WEATHER

22 Apr, 2017

It wasn't surprising that it developed enough to become Sub-Tropical Depression 1 on Wednesday morning. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite captured this visible image of Tropical Depression One in the North Central Atlantic Ocean on April 20 at 15:12 UTC (11:12 a.m.

Facebook out to read minds

21 Apr, 2017

Facebook is now recruiting a brain-computer interface engineer and a neural imaging engineer to work on the project alongside the team already in place. In a bid to placate privacy concerns, Dugan said that the technology was not interested in decoding a person's random thoughts. Facebook's goal, working with researchers at several USA universities, is to make the system non-invasive, as well as fast enough so that people can type 100 words a minute just by thinking.

International Monetary Fund raises 2017 global growth forecast to 3.5 pct

19 Apr, 2017

The IMF's latest outlook for 2017 is a slight upgrade from the 3.4 per cent global growth it had forecast in January. "At the same time, a combination of adverse weather conditions and civil unrest threaten several low-income countries with mass starvation.

Boris Johnson 'dismayed' by Russia's UN Syria veto

17 Apr, 2017

Western governments and Syrian monitoring groups, including the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, say the chemical assault harmed civilians. Samples taken from Khan Sheikhoun last week also tested positive for the nerve agent sarin , the British delegation at the global chemical weapons watchdog OPCW said on Thursday.

Golden age of BJP yet to come: Shah

16 Apr, 2017

The Dalits constitute over 17 per cent of the state's electorate and have never been traditional voters of the saffron party, which is now wooing them aggressively. "We were weak in Odisha". Expressing his readiness for further talks with Chief Minister Naveen Patinak, Singh said the water dispute will be resolved within no time if the Odisha government shows honest desire.

Budget Session a "winner" for govt: Modi

12 Apr, 2017

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said the NDA is performing well and the recent Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections reflect the endorsement of NDA's policies and programmes for the welfare of people. Speaking on the relationship with the Shiv Sena, Jaitley said, "Shiv Sena is the oldest BJP ally". Even when Modi was the chief minister and led the BJP to victories in three state elections (2002, 2007 and 2012), the highest number of seats that the BJP was able to get was 129 seats.

Ford designs baby crib that mimics soothing auto ride

09 Apr, 2017

The crib features a speaker on the bottom which emulates the gentle noises of the engine, it rocks side to side gently to imitate the cars movements, and has a mesh screen all the way around it with LED's which can simulate street lights. "After many years of talking to mums and dads, we know that the parents of newborns are often desperate for just one good night's sleep", said Max Motor Dreams designer Alejandro Lopes Bravo in a press release.

New Jupiter image captured by Hubble Space Telescope

08 Apr, 2017

On the night of opposition, Jupiter will be about 4.45 astronomical units, or about 414 million miles, from Earth. Friday's opposition is prime time for seeing our solar system's biggest world sparkling in the night sky. The final image shows a sharp view of Jupiter and reveals a wealth of features in its dense atmosphere . The surface of Jupiter is divided into several distinct, colourful bands, running parallel to the equator.

Jeter, Jeb Bush: Marlins Team Ownership Up for Grabs and They're Interested

08 Apr, 2017

Current owner Jeffrey Loria has indicated a desire to sell the team since previous year, and Fox Business said a deal may be completed by the end of May. The 14-time MLB All-Star retired from the Yankees in 2014 and has said it is his "ultimate aspiration" to own a professional sports team. Still, as a baseball executive told Fox Business , "whoever has the most cash will get the deal".

Cable giant Comcast offers cellular plans on Verizon network

07 Apr, 2017

Comcast has an agreement with Verizon to use its wireless network for MVNO purposes and is said to have bid in the 600MHz spectrum auction that has just ended - the company won't be able to disclose its winnings, if any, until the FCC-mandated grace period is through.

YouTube's live TV service is now available in select markets

06 Apr, 2017

For now, Chromecast is the only way to watch YouTube TV on the big screen, though Google says it will support more TV platforms later this year. "However, don't count traditional providers out either, because there are still plenty of sports fans who haven't embraced smart TVs and streaming devices and expect to find their favorite live sports on their favorite cable or satellite provider".

SpaceX aims for historic rocket launch with reused booster

29 Mar, 2017

Also, reusable rockets will shave off a significant financial part of future space missions, making rockets to be used as airplanes. SpaceX has demonstrated multiple times that it's capable of landing its reusable Falcon 9 rocket back on solid ground.

Mild, Dry Days Tuesday and Wednesday

29 Mar, 2017

Expect a breeze in the morning from the north to increase and get a bit gusty in the afternoon. IF any snow accumulates, the most likely locations would be grassy areas and elevated surfaces (decks, mailboxes, cars, etc.), and any accumulation should be well under an inch before the eventual changeover to rain.

French far right presidential candidate Le Pen

28 Mar, 2017

Responding to the concerns about Russian Federation attempting to interfere in French elections, Putin said that the Kremlin has no intention of doing so. Paris and Moscow should establish a strategic partnership in counterterrorism and energy spheres, and Le Pen called for comprehensive strategic partnership between Paris and Moscow: "First of all, it is necessary to establish cooperation between France and Russian Federation, both in the field of culture, energy and trade".

Delhi Saves 290 MW By Switching Off Lights During Earth Hour

27 Mar, 2017

Countries and prominent personalities worldwide have joined in the cause to observe Earth Hour . Members of the public are also being encouraged to take part by switching off their lights for the hour. From Australia, it moved westward through Asia, with numerous skyscrapers ringing Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour going dark in solidarity, while at Myanmar's most sacred pagoda, the Shwedagon, 10,000 oil lamps were lit to shine a light on climate action.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia releases in Europe on May 19

22 Mar, 2017

Nintendo UK is also offering a similar Limited Edition for Europe, which seems to include the Alm/Celica amiibo pair in addition to what is offered in the NA Limited Edition . Otherwise you can buy the Limited Edition for $60, getting the following content: the game, a hardcover artbook, an audio CD, pin sets, a reversible cover, and two new Amiibos: Alm and Celica.

Apple Preps to Release First Products of 2017

21 Mar, 2017

There are rumors stating that the product launch may coincide with the inauguration of the Apple Park campus next month. Rumors of new Apple releases coming this month have us anxiously awaiting official updates, but the company hasn't announced a launch event for the press like it usually does for new products.

Dele Alli stat shows Tottenham have the deadliest young talent in Europe

20 Mar, 2017

Heung Min Son is 7/2 to score first, whilst Dele Alli is 4/1. With the Tottenham defense thinking the ball was going out, Nathan Redmond flicked it back to Tadic, who unchallenged from six yards (meters) out managed to fire over the bar.

Cheerios offers free wildflower seeds to help save the bee population

17 Mar, 2017

So, you can still sign up and participate! Bees and other pollinators are endangered and if something isn't done about it, Buzz will be gone forever. The rusty patched bumblebee has suffered dramatic population decline over the past two decades.

South Korea: Critics call for arrest of impeached Park Geun-hye

12 Mar, 2017

Thousands of people celebrated the historic decision on the streets of the capital Seoul , with polls showing that between 70 and 80% of South Koreans had wanted the court to throw Ms Park out of office. FKI, the country's largest business lobby, helped raise, if not coerce, almost 80 billion won (US$69.2 million) from its member firms, including Samsung Electronics Co.

Google's Video Intelligence API makes video searchable

10 Mar, 2017

In a way, this new technology is similar to the image search using recognition and processing tools, the only difference being this time it is not just for static images. The new API was built to help understand the overall content in videos, and extract actionable insight from that data. Toward that end, they plan to launch a software development kit for programmers later this month.

Myanmar violence: 20000 people seek refuge in China

10 Mar, 2017

Hotel workers in Nan San, a town abutting Myanmar's restive Kokang region where the fighting is taking place, described disoriented people moving rapidly into the town. Fighting has been ongoing in other areas of northern Shan State, where the Northern Alliance-to which the MNDAA, AA, TNLA and the Kachin Independence Army belong-and the Burma Army have clashed.

RadioShack files for bankruptcy again, will close about 200 stores

10 Mar, 2017

The company did not provide information on whether any of its Long Island stores would be affected. According to Rogers, RadioShack past year integrated FedEx pickup/drop-off into 140 locations, delivered over 700,000 Hulu login pins to customers, and sold more than a million RadioShack private brand headphones and speakers.

Germany urges European Union to rally behind Poland's Tusk for top job

10 Mar, 2017

The election of the European Council President for the next term is expected to be one of the key decisions taken at this week's EU summit in Brussels. The incumbent is former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk whose 30-month term is due to end on May 31. "The conclusion from Brexit should not be "we need more multi-speed Europe", a European diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

Tetsuya Nomura Talks Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Changes

09 Mar, 2017

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is still far from being release , and Tetsuya Nomura and his team haven't shown much of the game in recent times. Nomura revealed that there will be more situational actions in the final game. Millions of people love the original Final Fantasy VII and changing how that plays seems like an incredibly risky and above all unwanted thing to do.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands launch trailer showcases some very non-ghostly antics

07 Mar, 2017

Of course, the unlock times and file sizes for Ghost Recon: Wildlands are going to be different for each of the three platforms on which the game can be experienced, so follow along below to learn the full details. "Play every mission the way you want: utilize stealth to take the enemy down quietly, develop a plan and execute it to perfection to strategically eliminate all targets, or just get your hands on the most lethal weapons you can find and come out guns blazing".

Baby giraffe undergoes a plasma transfusion to save its life

05 Mar, 2017

She's carrying a baby that could be about six feet tall and weigh as much as 150 pounds. The birth happened as people watched a livestream of it from New York's Animal Adventure Park . Eventually, they were able to confirm her pregnancy. Giraffes have one of the longest gestation periods in the animal kingdom, and are pregnant for up to 15 months.

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