Google lets teachers have more access to tools to enhance learning

29 Jun, 2016

The new system for getting Expeditions up and running has reportedly been streamlined considerably. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and will soon make its way to Apple devices. The search engine turned technology superpower recently unveiled two new features that they hope will revolutionize the way students learn their lessons in school.

Lawmakers promise to complete rescue package for Puerto Rico

29 Jun, 2016

Lew told CNBC that the USA economy is doing "pretty well". The package, backed by the White House, Democrats and Republicans, was passed by the House earlier this month and would create a control board that could oversee restructuring of some of the island's debt.

US Rep. Fattah steps down after racketeering conviction

24 Jun, 2016

Fattah had previously stated he would resign in October; however, in a letter on Thursday to the speaker, Fattah wrote, "In my previous letter I indicated a later resignation date in order to provide for an orderly transition of my office after 21 years of service in the House".

Twitter Lengthens Video To 140 Seconds, Creates App For Influencers

22 Jun, 2016

The changes give high-profile Twitter users more ways to integrate advertising and make money off their posts, company spokeswomen said. Twitter users will be able able share longer videos and see longer videos on Vine . Twitter describes its audience for the app as "creators, influencers, and public figures". Twitter users may recognize the "140" number as the character limit generally ( but not always ) assigned to tweets - which is based on the 160 character limit of SMS minus ...

Childish Gambino Announces New Music 'PHAROS'

21 Jun, 2016

Users of the app came into contact with a countdown mechanism that expired 6 pm ET on Sunday. As time went on, a planet emerged, and it appeared increasingly closer as the 15-digit number inched toward zero. It was also discovered that if the app's background music was sped up, one could hear new music from Glover. You can download Pharos . Perhaps it will take him all three nights to fully present the album, but regardless, Gambino wants fans to camp out in the desert with him for the ...

Reusable unmanned rocket makes 4th successful Texas flight

20 Jun, 2016

For this flight, though, the team intends to crash the capsule to basically see how well it will hold up, should something befall the parachute. Now, rockets are now reused to launch and fly back to Earth autonomously to slash expensive space launch costs.

NASA's Giving Away These New Mars Travel Posters for Free

17 Jun, 2016

The series of eight photos can be downloaded on NASA's website . One of the NASA posters is a modern version of the 1917 Uncle Sam: "I Want You" recruiting poster for the U.S. "Settlers below on Mars would see Phobos rise and set not once, but twice in one day!" the ad for the " Journey to Mars " campaign reads. "Have you ever asked the question, what is out there?" "That curiosity leads us to explore new places like Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos".

Watch SpaceX land a rocket on a drone barge

16 Jun, 2016

SpaceX is preparing to launch two communication satellites from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Wednesday morning. Although the landing didn't go according to plan, the rocket did manage to successfully deploy two communications satellites into orbit.

Sony's PS4 Neo Launch Plans Fail to Impress, Stock Down

15 Jun, 2016

And to celebrate the occasion we got a new gameplay trailer for the game, one that looks very similar in tone to game we saw past year. No official release date was given. House addressed this concerns saying, "All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4".

Breshad Perriman potentially facing season-ending surgery again, source says

14 Jun, 2016

The Ravens were really counting on Perriman to come in and make an impact in 2016, but now they will likely have to lean on guys like Kamar Aiken and Mike Wallace behind Steve Smith in the receiving corps. However, it's possible that the damage won't necessitate a total knee reconstruction and Perriman could return at some point during the 2016 season. "The injuries he sustained are not injuries [Ravens general manager] Ozzie Newsome saw coming".

Facebook deleting photos synced from phones

13 Jun, 2016

If you're a holdout for Moments (which is now the number 1 app in the App Store) and simply don't want another app sucking up space on your device, you can download all of your photos to a zip file. However, forced adoption tactic works for the company. Facebook pushed all users to download Messenger by removing chat from its main app back in spring of 2014.

Who Was Nityaranjan Pande? Hindu Monastery Worker Hacked To Death In Bangladesh

11 Jun, 2016

Bangladesh police arrested some 900 suspected Islamist extremists after a wave of attacks on minorities and openly secular bloggers. He had reportedly worked at the monastery for 40 years and was the head of its administrative staff. The police said that they ain't received any claim to take the responsibility of his death so far. Alamgir Kabir said that "there is no eye-witness to this attack as it has happened so early in the morning".

Intel wins spot in Apple's next iPhone, Bloomberg reports

11 Jun, 2016

Bernstein have said that Qualcomm's modems remain ahead of Intel's offerings in performance when measured by how much data they can get from the network into the phone. Apple sold more than 231 million units globally in fiscal 2015. Samsung was in fourth place at 3% and Huawei's had a 2% share with a chip from its HiSilicon division used only in its own phones and not for sale in the merchant market.

There Will Be No Internet At Work For You Next Year

11 Jun, 2016

Asia-Pacific executive vice president of Cloud Security Alliance, Aloysius Cheang, told the Straits Times that the government's actions will shift the public service back into the 1990s, and added that back then, it was hard for malware to "extract sensitive information from within government networks".

Look out PayPal, Apple Pay reportedly coming to the web

11 Jun, 2016

Apple's approach to opening up access to Siri will likely look different than that of its competitors, says Mark Hung, a research vice president at Gartner. Other times , Siri less specifically promises "some cool stuff, and then some more cool stuff, and then some more really cool stuf". The company has bought a promising tech company called VocalIQ to power its next generation Siri .

Regent questions continuing athletics at UW

11 Jun, 2016

UW-P is one of two campuses in the UW-System reduce fees. Tuition is frozen because of state legislation, but student fees are unregulated, leading to the increase to cover new costs. The system has been scrambling to generate revenue since Walker froze undergraduate resident tuition rates in the 2013-15 state budget. The remaining 30 percent of the fee is directed largely to student-initiated programming.

Gawker Media files for bankruptcy thanks to Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel

11 Jun, 2016

Said Gawker boss Nick Denton in a statement Friday: "We are encouraged by the agreement with Ziff Davis, one of the most rigorously managed and profitable companies in digital media". Billionaire investor Peter Thiel was on a mission to destroy Gawker Media. The sale is being conducted through a court-supervised auction, which could see other bidders emerge to offer a higher price.

No more Tinder for anyone under 18

10 Jun, 2016

According to The Telegraph , a spokesperson for the company said it has a "responsibility" for its users and said, "we have made a decision to discontinue service for under 18 users". At the moment, the app is available to anyone aged 13 and upward, and with a Facebook account. But things will change now on, as the dating app requires its users to be over 18 to sign up.

PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2016 Releases Today

10 Jun, 2016

According to a report from Polygon , Microsoft is actually planning two versions of the Xbox One , the first of which will be a slim model that will launch later this year and the second a "huge upgrade" that will launch in 2017. We have known for some time now about the PlayStation Neo (which is the name given for the PlayStation 4 ), Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo DX. But assuming the PS4.5 is indeed coming, games will nearly certainly run better on the new machine.

Deus Ex Prosthetic Hands in Development by Square Enix and Open Bionics

09 Jun, 2016

The use of bionic limbs is a central theme within the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, whose protagonist, Adam Jensen , is equipped with his own bionic arm. This gets you all the Day One Edition content plus an exclusive black and gold Prism box, a 9in Adam Jensen figure, a 48-page artbook and a limited edition steelbook case.

Periodic Table Elements Named for Moscow, Japan, Tennessee

09 Jun, 2016

A Vanderbilt University professor is has helped discover a new element. It was shipped over to a lab in Dubna, Russia, where researchers put it in an accelerator and bombarded it with calcium, which has 20 protons. Chemistry teachers all over the world can add an item to their back-to-school shopping list: a new periodic table poster. The researchers proposed the name nihonium to celebrate it.

Apple revamps App Store with new revenue plan, ads

09 Jun, 2016

We expect Siri to be at center stage this year, along with extensive OS upgrades and potential macbook pro refresh. 3D Touch-enabled iPhones (currently iPhone 6s and 6s Plus) will be able to access a new option for sharing App Store apps with others from the Home screen as well.

OnePlus 3 product listing shows 6 variants, 3 with 6GB RAM

07 Jun, 2016

On the camera front, it is expected to come with 16MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture, Optical image stabilisation, laser autofocus and LED flash and 8 MP front snapper with f/2.0 aperture. Spoiling one of the most of the anticipated announcements of the year, OppoMart briefly listed all of OnePlus 3's six variants on their e-commerce site.

Facebook Goes After Twitch With Blizzard Game-Streaming Deal

07 Jun, 2016

Although Blizzard marks the first video-game integration for Facebook - both Twitch and YouTube let users stream a bunch of games - we could see more down the line. The companies note that this is the first step in adding new social functionality to Blizzard games, so expect your friends' gaming achievements to show up on your timelines at some point as well.

Jat Quota Stir: Agitation to be intensified if demands not met

07 Jun, 2016

The case is already before the High Court. He said the Jats have assured not to block rail tracks or roads. Addressing the protesters, Jat leaders accused the Haryana government of not being serious towards their demand for reservation.

Mark Zuckerberg Hacked: FB CEO's Twitter Inc, Pinterest, LinkedIn Corp Accounts Hacked

07 Jun, 2016

It is unclear if Zuckerberg's personal email address was also compromised in the attack in case the accounts were linked through the same account. However, Facebook denied this to VentureBeat . The OurMine account has since been suspended . Mark Zuckerberg has yet to personally address the issue as of late. Despite the group's claim, Zuckerberg's Instagram account hasn't been affected, a Facebook spokesperson stated.

This Week at NASA: Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) and More

07 Jun, 2016

NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams swung open the door to the newly expanded chamber Monday and was the first to enter. During BEAM's two year test period, the module will typically be closed off to the rest of the space station. (The compressed BEAM was about 7 feet long by 8 feet wide, or 2.1 by 2.4 m). Both Bigelow and NASA envision using pumped-up habitats for Mars expeditions.

Huge changes may be in store for Apple's MacBook Pro

05 Jun, 2016

These images suggest the new MacBook Pro will have just four USB-C ports and a headphone jack. Apple fans are expecting the release of the MacBook Pro 2016 this coming June but it could be delayed until October to give way to a 13-inch Retina MacBook next month.

IS says bridges bombed in northern Syria

04 Jun, 2016

A delivery of urgently needed food is planned for Friday 3 June. "The Assad regime has cynically allowed limited amounts of aid", British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in a statement, ". US efforts to get badly needed aid from Turkey to Syria are being hampered by the ongoing impasse in negotiations and the Syrian government's continuing siege on areas held by opposition groups, including those supported by Washington.

Facebook is introducing an artificially intelligent feature that understands what you write

04 Jun, 2016

Facebook is already using DeepText models to push people toward using Facebook tools that might suit their goal better than a plain old post. DeepText relies on convolutional and recurrent neural networks, in conjunction with models trained using the company's machine learning platform, FBLearner Flow , and Torch , an open source machine learning library, among a growing number of such libraries.

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