Super Sindhu seals a medal; enters final

19 Авг, 2016

Sindhu, who had beaten Wang in the Denmark Open previous year, grabbed three straight points to make it 11-12 but left a shuttle at the baseline next. Sindhu retrieved everything that was thrown at her, but she rushed on to a stroke to hit the net. And now, she is closer than ever to winning an Olympics medal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Same Old Problems?

17 Авг, 2016

The Gear VR headset was developed in collaboration with American virtual reality technology company Oculus. The first Samsung Galaxy Note, launched in 2011, probably started the phablet genre. Still, a 4K resolution is welcome news indeed, especially as it's likely to be created to work with Google's Daydream VR headset as well as the inevitable next generation Samsung Gear VR.

Things You Need To Know About Tonight's Epic Perseid Meteor Shower

16 Авг, 2016

Why are they called "perseid" meteors? NASA added that Jupiter's gravity has tugged the debris stream from Swift-Tuttle, which places Earth more in the center of the stream, rather than the edge. Diehard stargazers could head inland to get a better view. Before you look up at tonight's sky, here's what you should know about this impressive celestial event.

The Benefits Of A Dual Camera

16 Авг, 2016

It has 5.5-inch fantastic body with dual camera. Instead of a button that physically presses into the phone, the home "button" simply responds to pressure with a vibrating sensation after a click. So far, all the talk has been about a few notable additions, including that of the dual-camera setup, improved antenna lines, and the ditching of the traditional headphone jack.

Apple's baby iPhone is hitting the sweet spot with consumers

14 Авг, 2016

Also interesting in one of the following leaked documents is a note that offers precise guidance and instructions regarding the manufacturing process of the iPhone. So we have been reporting for some time that the iPhone 7 release date was expected to come in September 2016, at the earliest. This year, the iPhone unit's sales were decreased rapidly by 10 million iPhones which leads to danger for investors.

Explosion, fire reported at DTE facility in East China Township

14 Авг, 2016

Clair Power Plant in East China Township, northeast of Detroit . The fire started in a coal-fired generating unit, and no injuries were reported. At this time, there are no known injuries at the facility. The units in East China Township, the River Rouge facility in the Detroit area and the Trenton facility in suburban Detroit are to be retired between 2020 and 2023.

Millions of Volkswagen cars vulnerable to a simple keyless entry hack

14 Авг, 2016

If these codes are intercepted, it would only take the attacker minutes on a laptop to recover the cryptographic key. "This current vehicle generation is not afflicted by the problems described", VW spokesman Peter Weisheit said in a statement, without commenting on the risks to other models.

Weather: Good weather for the Perseid meteor shower

13 Авг, 2016

This year, the Perseid meteor shower will be more of a downpour. This year's show will be the best yet, NASA says, because Jupiter's gravity is shoving the comet's debris towards Earth. Another challenge to viewing the meteors this year will be the moon. The meteors are travelling at speeds of up to 132,000 miles per hour when they hit the Earth's atmosphere.

Snapchat removes filter amid claims of racial insensitivity

13 Авг, 2016

Actress and celebrity blogger Latrice Butts added: " Snapchat This Yellow Face filter is not cool next you'll be doing Black Face & Brown Face #Stop this is not Ok!" Snapchat is back at it again with the offensive selfie lenses. It's unclear just what Snapchat's process is for creating these lenses, including what kind of oversight there might be at the company or how some of these ideas go from concepts to featured items.

Morrison blocks Chinese bids for NSW power grid

12 Авг, 2016

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison has said that the bidders, China's State Grid Corp and Hong Kong's Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, have been given a week to respond. Mr Morrison said he would leave it to the NSW government to explain what impact the decision to halt the lease would have on that state's budget. But a commentary on Xinhua said that "paranoia over Chinese investment is becoming a real problem".

Pakistan's batting legend Hanif Mohammad dies at 81

12 Авг, 2016

Hanif Mohammad (L) was admitted to hospital on July 30 with respiratory issues. Hanif was among four brothers to represent Pakistan. Hanif Mohammad batted the longest Test innings in history and ICC boss David Richardson remembered him fondly following his death.

Scientists estimate a Greenland shark lived about 400 years

12 Авг, 2016

An elderly shark swimming in the North Atlantic today could have been born not long after William Shakespeare penned his best-loved plays and the Mayflower carried pilgrims to North America. The new research, led by Julius Nielsen from the University of Copenhagen and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, has been published in the journal Science .

Suspected arsonist caught up in flames

11 Авг, 2016

It shows a woman shattering the glass of the shop's back door. The video revealed a woman leaving a white Ford minivan and forcefully pounding an object at the front door of the building. Moments later, a second camera shows the man kick off one of his shoes, which is still smoldering. He then drove off, leaving behind a burst of black smoke.

New Android security vulnerabilities affect 900 million phones

09 Авг, 2016

Researchers at Checkpoint Security discovered that the four vulnerabilities, collectively named " Quadrooter ", could affect the 900 million Android devices worldwide that use Qualcomm's hardware. Check Point also suggested that the Android platform as a whole - which is open to dozens of different manufacturers and software developers - was part of the issue, with updates taking too long to pass through the system.

Israel rejects Obama's latest remarks on Iran nuclear deal

06 Авг, 2016

He took the opportunity to defend the landmark nuclear accord that the US -led worldwide coalition reached with Iran more than a year ago. This week, The Wall Street Journal reported the $400 million cash payment , raising questions about why the payment coincided with the release of the Americans held by Iran.

Britain and France seek condemnation of North Korea launches

06 Авг, 2016

As South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se stated the provocation by the North and their latest missile tests show the need for the THAAD deployment. The UN Security Council has already passed resolutions imposing harsh economic and political sanctions on North Korea and prohibited North Korea from conducting further ballistic missile launches.

Moon Express is first non-government company to plan for moon landing

05 Авг, 2016

While the United States has continually sent equipment to the lunar surface over the last 50 years, it has not sent a man to the moon since Apollo 17 in 1972. Moon Express also intends to win the Google Lunar X-PRIZE competition , which will award $20 million to the first team to land a rover on the moon, travel 500 meters, and transmit HD video of it all before 2017.

Indian-American's Moon Express to be pioneer in space exploration

05 Авг, 2016

There have been no private space missions so far beyond Earth's orbit and only state agencies have performed outer space missions. The U.S. government has licensed the private company Moon Express send a robot to the moon in 2017.

Xbox One S Gets the Teardown Treatment

04 Авг, 2016

Simply put, this is the best Xbox One yet. It looks like white is the only option for now, and Microsoft calls that white "Robot White". One of the biggest reliefs for Xbox users was that this revision did away with the external power supply.

Xbox One S is 7.1% faster than Xbox One, sort of

04 Авг, 2016

Players can already get their hands on the limited edition 2TB version of the console. For those who don't care about video or HDR , the price is just not worth it considering the fact that 500GB model of classic Xbox One is about $50 cheaper than Xbox One S with same storage size.

This time, an adoring He looks on as She accepts nomination

31 Июл, 2016

We first asked David Tonelson, who was walking near California State Capitol, what his initial reaction was. "He wants us to fear the future and fear each other", she said . They don't endorse candidates, she said, but they do come together on issues they think are important, hold voter forums, debates, and, of course, they work to get women, especially young women, to think about running for office.

Pokemon Go finally debuts in Japan

27 Июл, 2016

Niantic's free-to-play " Pokemon Go " for iOS and Android hit the shelves in several markets except Japan in July this year. In a one-page flier, the government-run agency has released nine tips advising players of the augmented reality game to be cautious of scams and their personal safety as well as to carry extra batteries and be mindful of heatstroke.

Russian Federation escape total Rio Olympics ban

25 Июл, 2016

The IOC resisted calls for a blanket ban on Russians competing in next month's Games due to the country's doping record, leaving decisions on individual athletes' participation with their sports federations. Fourth, the IFs to examine the information contained in the Independent Person (IP) Report, and for such objective seek from World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) the names of athletes and National Federations (NFs) implicated.

Chinese scientists will soon begin the first CRISPR human trial

24 Июл, 2016

Crispr is a game-changer in bioscience; a groundbreaking technique which can find, cut out and replace specific parts of DNA using a specially programmed enzyme named Cas9. The technique has previously been tested by Chinese scientists on human embryos and in monkeys and dogs. Researchers at Sichuan University's West China Hospital will try out the so-called CRISPR technique to turn off a gene known to slow an immune response to treat patients with lung cancer, Medical Xpress reports.

More evacuations pending for wildfire near Nederland

12 Июл, 2016

The two men face felony arson charges. The pair was arrested from an evacuation site, and they are being held at the Boulder County Jail, according to the sheriff's office . One firefighter suffered a minor injury during the battle, according to the LA County Fire PIO. "The Colorado National Guard is here to help local, state, and federal authorities contain this fire as quickly as possible.

Reasons Trump Should Choose Newt Gingrich for VP

08 Июл, 2016

Bob Corker, who chairs the senate Foreign Relations Committee, is set to travel with Trump to North Carolina Tuesday, hours after a joint visit to the state by Democrat Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. He said that he is not anti-Semitic, noting that his daughter Ivanka had converted to Judaism for marriage and is raising her children Jewish. Who else was spotted at the Trump fundraiser? Late a year ago, for example, Trump retweeted inaccurate crime statistics that vastly ...

Georgia's Jeb Blazevich on Mackey Award list for top tight end

07 Июл, 2016

In 1992, Mackey became only the second tight end to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Wolf played in 13 games last season and earned 12 starts. He caught 48 passes for 586 yards and six touchdowns. The 6-foot-4, 240-pounder is expected to lead a resurgence at the tight end position this year for the Irish.

Jon Craig: Cameron tells Corbyn to quit

05 Июл, 2016

But she said: "I can not serve my constituents - which is my primary objective - without effective leadership at the top of the Labour Party". "The question is, what is the right thing for our party?" She said: "I call on Jeremy Corbyn to resign immediately and make way for someone with the backbone to confront racism and anti-Semitism in our party and in the country".

Faster than Radeon RX 480

05 Июл, 2016

It is speculated that since the press has already been briefed on the GTX 1060, Nvidia is likely to announce the card at this event to the public, probably via a livestream. Both 3GB and 6GB options though are rumoured to be based on a new Pascal GPU, the GP106. A new clear image of the MSI GTX 1070 Duke Edition has leaked out today.

Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion clinic regulations

30 Июн, 2016

The Supreme Court handed down its most significant abortion ruling in a generation on Monday. Opponents said that number would fall to ten if the Supreme Court upheld the law. "I sobbed when I heard that we won", said Ashley Plinkhorn from Austin, Texas, outside the court after the decision was announced. An abortion-rights lawyer, Sue Frietsche, said the law inflicted heavy financial burdens on abortion clinics throughout Pennsylvania and contributed to the closure of several of them.

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