Turkey: Three Soldiers Killed In Suspected Syrian Government Air Strikes

25 Nov, 2016

Starting at around 3.30 a.m. local time (0030GMT), Assad forces carried out air attacks on Turkish troops close to the city of Al-Bab in northern Syria , the Turkish General Staff said in a statement. The air strike occurred before dawn on November 24 in the course of a Turkish-led Syrian rebel operation in northern Syria , said a statement from the armed forces posted on its website.

Downtown Thomasville plansfor Small Business Saturday

25 Nov, 2016

And what better time to launch the new endeavor than on " Small Business Saturday? ". We hope that even more Americans participate this year. Finally, the local nonprofits that assist the neediest of our residents depend greatly on the generosity of local business owners and their employees.

Janet Jackson tells fans she is 'doing well' as due date approaches

21 Nov, 2016

The sentimental dispatch marked Jackson's first tweet since August, when she vaguely told her fans she was thinking about them without providing any context. I have to rest up, doctor's orders. "We thank God for our blessing", said Jackson, who also posed for a photo displaying her burgeoning baby bump for the magazine.

Fallout 4 Adds PS4 Pro Support in Next Title Update

19 Nov, 2016

The 1.8 update for the game that was announced in October brings the long-awaited mod support to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Mods are additions or changes made to the game that alter the original, sometimes in pretty drastic ways.

Carbon growth: Govt will have to go beyond pledges to reverse impact

18 Nov, 2016

Under the Paris agreement, all governments that have ratified the accord, which includes the US, China, India and the European Union, carry an obligation to hold global warming to no more than 2C above pre-industrial levels. The use of fossil fuels and industrial activity generated more than 36 billion tons of carbon dioxide in 2016; the key to halting global warming is to bring emissions to zero.

Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet Is Firm's Most Luxurious And Most Limited Drop

16 Nov, 2016

The Maybach S650 Cabriolet will be sold with three color scheme options including one with Zircon Red paint and porcelain-colored leather. It does however adopt plush new seats and a selection of Maybach badges just to remind owners that they're in something rather special.

Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet teased, launch on November 16

16 Nov, 2016

Whereas the Maybach S600 sedan is a stretched version of a traditional S-Class sedan, the S650 Cabriolet keeps the same dimensions, but radically ramps up the fancy. Because clearly, the standard S-Class' interior wasn't plush enough. Another standout is the wood veneer dash accents. In the USA, it's available in just three color schemes: the Zircon Red with porcelain and black interior that we see here, Cote d'Azur Blue with porcelain and saddle brown interior , or designo ...

Why do seabirds eat plastic? The answer stinks

12 Nov, 2016

The researchers found that plastic trash in the ocean usually accumulates algae as well as other organic matter on its surface. It's not great news, of course, because the plastic debris isn't good for the poor creatures, but at least we know why they gobble it up like it's going out of style now.

Student says 2 men assaulted her and stole hijab

11 Nov, 2016

No arrests have been made in the robbery. The incident occurred on the same day that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become president-elect. The Lafayette Police Department did not immediately return a request for comment. Kareem Attia, president of the Muslim Student Association at UL-Lafayette, told the Washington Post that the attack has had a profound effect on campus, saying that Muslim students are "very integrated" into the campus, which is two-thirds white.

Thousands of Giant Snowballs Suddenly Appear on Siberian Beach

08 Nov, 2016

Locals in the village of Nyda, which is situated on the Yamal Peninsula just above the Arctic circle, have never seen anything quite like it. The sculptural shapes range from the size of a tennis ball to nearly 1 metre across. She further said that they are all of the various sizes from tennis balls to volleyballs. As waves roll the ice crystals over and over again in the water, their spherical forms take shape.

GOP Senate committee makes late investment in Wisconsin race

05 Nov, 2016

Sean Duffy and the other features a mother whose son died of a heroin overdose criticizing Feingold . Russ Feingold, the Democrat he beat six years ago, in a state that favor Democrats in presidential election years. Shripal Shah, a spokesman for Senate Majority PAC, said last week the committee was adding money to the state because members "aren't going to take any chances by letting these [GOP] attacks remain unanswered".

Overwatch's Latest Character Sombra Character Profile And Abilities Revealed

05 Nov, 2016

Sombra is here! Blizzard finally revealed the highly anticipated new Overwatch character at BlizzCon 2016 Friday afternoon through a new animated short . Those who are picked for teams during the signing period will be guaranteed a contract with a minimum salary and benefits package. But this isn't your typical, "Let's get some people together and have them vie for a prize pool" video-game competition; Blizzard Entertainment is pulling out all the stops with Overwatch League.

QB Newton hopes concerns addressed after talk with Goodell

04 Nov, 2016

Panthers coach Ron Rivera threw his support behind Newton on Monday. Newton said after the game there are times he doesn't feel safe and he's exhausted of refs saying they missed calls. "In the pocket, that's all I'm asking for, just to get. the same calls, that's all". "You can see Campbell coming up the middle, and he's going to hit Cam in the knee area or below", Blandino said.

Didn't get your Google Pixel yet? You may be getting a freebie

02 Nov, 2016

Here in the States, it will cost $79 at Verizon stores and Best Buy. Both these companies have a different approach to their aesthetic designs, Google has changed their classic design of their notifications in order to make notifications easier to read while Apple started bringing widgets to their devices home screen.

Google discloses actively exploited Windows vulnerability before Microsoft patch is ready

02 Nov, 2016

The bug affects the Windows kernel, the deepest and most privileged part of the operating system, and can be used to escape security sandboxes, or tools created to isolate malicious code. Both of those earlier vulnerabilities weren't being actively exploited. Microsoft unveiled its Surface Studio desktop computer in NY last week, while the first smartphones designed entirely by Google went on sale last month.

Shipping industry agrees to cap sulphur emissions by 2020

31 Oct, 2016

To combat such pollution, the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee will meet in London on October 24-28 to decide whether to impose a global cap on SOx emissions from 2020 or 2025, which would see sulphur emissions fall from the current maximum of 3.5 percent of fuel content to 0.5 percent.

What could the AT&T, Time Warner deal mean for you?

27 Oct, 2016

Entertainment with a company that delivers that content to TV screens and smartphones across the country. In his Gettysburg speech - during which he also unveiled his 100-day action plan if he were the President - Trump, trailing Clinton in the polls, has said he would block the takeover.

New 414-legged millipede species discovered in California! - See pic

26 Oct, 2016

That's amateur hour compared to a tiny millipede recently discovered in a Californian cave. While explaining about the penises, researchers said that tts ninth and 10th leg pairs have been converted into the millipede version of penises, known as gonopods.

"Half-head man" accused of attempted murder, arson in Miami

21 Oct, 2016

The story is that Carlos Rodriguez is missing half of his skull and takes a creepy mugshot. The site reports that the 31-year-old was in his backyard Monday after intentionally setting his mattress on fire while two tenants were inside the duplex attached to his house.

Kodak Ektra - a smartphone that looks like a 1940s camera

21 Oct, 2016

The handset runs Android Marshmallow, although with no immediate commitment to a Nougat upgrade. Kodak added that advanced users can put the Manual mode through its paces by adjusting exposure, ISO, focus, white balance and shutter speed.

Oh my: IBD national poll has Trump ahead by one point, 41/40

20 Oct, 2016

This statistic seems to have held steady since August, when 32 percent said they were planning to vote for Trump and 40.1 percent answered Clinton. That question had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. Clinton has 48% support among likely voters in New Hampshire, with Trump at 33%. He said Clinton has opened a 17-point lead with independents, up 2 points from last month.

Allegations fail to hurt Trump at the polls

19 Oct, 2016

And in Philadelphia, even Republicans say Trump is wrong. " Polls close, but can you belive I lost large numbers of women voters based on made up events THAT NEVER HAPPENED. According to The Washington Post , voter fraud is rare and for polling places to rig the election would be almost impossible. Pence said he did not condone such behavior.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 flight ban spreading worldwide

17 Oct, 2016

On Saturday, Singapore Airlines had said that it would ban the mobile device from all flights too, as did Australia carrier Qantas and its affiliates; and Hong Kong-based airlines and US-based airlines. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Thursday the Note 7's battery "can overheat and catch fire, posing serious fire and burn hazard to consumers".

German court rejects complaint to suspend Canada trade deal

15 Oct, 2016

The French Prime Minister said: "We are doing everything we can to convince our Walloon friends that this agreement is a good thing for Canada and the European Union". Activists also welcomed the German court's ruling, calling it "a slap in the face" for the government. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (L) and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak during a joint press conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, October 13, 2016.

Funeral services for Keith Scott held Friday in SC

15 Oct, 2016

An independent autopsy ordered by Scott's family has revealed that the 43-year-old shooting victim was hit in the back and abdomen during a confrontation with police on September 20. Scott's body had already been autopsied by the medical examiner in Charlotte when it was sent to Newberry for a second evaluation. She said her husband didn't have a gun, countering what police have said.

Sony Settles Class-Action Lawsuit, PS3 Owners Can Now File Claim

15 Oct, 2016

Sony customers who purchased one of the original launch PlayStation 3 consoles can now submit claims in a nationwide class-action lawsuit regarding the company's removal of Linux support from the system, according to a settlement notice sent out today.

South Jersey has front row seat to view Sunday evening rocket launch

15 Oct, 2016

Doctors will use the observations from the Cardio Ox study to understand the cardiovascular risk of living in space. The Cygnus supply ship's arrival date at the space station is still under review. EDT, was pushed back to Sunday, Oct 16 at 8:03 p.m. EDT, to avoid any potential impacts from Hurricane Nicole, which is now churning its way northward off the Atlantic coast.

Trump accuses Mexico's Carlos Slim of trying to help Clinton

15 Oct, 2016

Trump's plan follows a New York Times article claiming that two women have accused the GOP nominee of kissing or fondling them without their consent. "I know why I get bad treatment in the New York Times ". Slim partially owns the parent company of the New York Times , which Trump has threatened to sue, after the paper published accounts by two women alleging the nominee sexually assaulted them.

Abducted children at heart of 'bring back our girls' campaign freed

14 Oct, 2016

It is the first release of any of the students as a result of government action. The Chibok girls were released as part of a prisoner swap deal struck between Boko Haram , the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Nigerian and Swiss governments, said official and local sources.

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature

14 Oct, 2016

It is validation of his talent, yes, but also of your taste and the cultural and political revolution you embraced: Bob Dylan the rock star wins the Nobel in literature, and by proxy the soundtrack of your generation gets acknowledged for its enduring value.

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